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Omnichannel marketing on the rise due to pandemic continuation


While searching online for recent marketing trends, you might get flooded with exhaustive information and terminology. As a result of this, people get easily confused about what is relevant nowadays and moreover what is relevant for their specific business.
First of all, let’s take a look at the meaning of omnichannel marketing itself and how it looks in practice. This will help you to understand its importance, especially during the contemporary Covid-19 era.

What is Omnichannel marketing?

In theory, Omnichannel refers to the concept of linking all your channels in order to deliver a seamless experience to your customers. In practice, it means that your customers receive a consistent brand message whether they are in your store, browsing your website, checking your Facebook or Instagram account. The goal is for your customers to receive a unified voice across all channels.

The customer is the core of omnichannel marketing and shapes its course.

You might be asking yourself if the Omnichannel approach is the same as the Multichannel approach.

The answer is, not really.

Multichannel marketing delivers a certain message across a variety of channels but the message is not necessarily unified. The goal is to be able to reach customers at the channels of their own preference. The more channels, the better.

Brand is the core of multichannel marketing and shapes its course.

How is Omnichannel relevant nowadays?

Covid-19 continues to enforce industries to adapt and change the way they operate. The onset of pandemic brought them to the realisation that going digital was no longer just an option, but a must.

As the pandemic continues, many businesses find themselves searching for powerful marketing strategies due to the fact that their digital competition gets stronger day by day. While going digital became a must, adopting an effective marketing strategy became necessary for survival.
Covid-19 has rapidly accelerated the importance of Omnichannel marketing.

But why?

Let’s assume you are a retail business and you have successfully transformed into an e-commerce company in order to survive the pandemic era. You are now selling your product online because your physical store is closed. But…you are not the only one! A countless number of other retailers have done the same and your competitors are choking you.

You need Omnichannel marketing! You need to put your customer at the center of your strategy and provide them a seamless experience across multiple channels. You need to deliver a unified brand message. This will consequently boost your sales, grow your brand awareness and build long-term customer loyalty.

“Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue.” – Andrew Davis, author and keynote speaker

How do I do that?

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